Why Choose?

No need to choose between Soccer and Baseball, play BOTH. Our Saturday games will all be played in the early evening to allow our busy players to participate in both local leagues. 

Coaching Staff

Along with our veteran coaches the very skilled and successful LC High School Female Soccer players will take charge and train/coach kids of various age groups. We are assuring that all our players will get the best and most appropriate training to their age. Our coaches look forward to helping them discover fundamental soccer skills, as well as helping them develop their motor, social, and psychological skills. It will be AWESOME!! 

Support Advertising

LCYS made a complete make over to our soccer field complex that was completed in 2017 which included ground leveling with top soil, elite grass seeding, new soccer field lay outs following US Soccer standards, portable restrooms and coming soon a concession stand. Along with these changes we have added the ability for our community to show their support with banners along our fences. If you are interested in advertising your business than please contact us via the contact us page. Thanks to everyone for all of their support.